EURo Coin

We help familes and businesses in Europe transfer value with the EURo Coin. A Euro stablecoin pegged 1:1 with the Euro.

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For Individuals & Businesses

EURC Deposit and Withdrawal

With instant SEPA, deposit EUR and receive EURC. Withdraw EURC and receive EUR. It's that simple.

Swap EURC for other Currencies

Swap EURC for other supported currencies such as XLM, USDC or AQUA, plus many more.

Liquidity Pool Rewards

Provide liquidity into the EURC/USDC, XLM/EURC and AQUA/EURC pools and earn rewards for supporting the EURC ecosystem.

Cross-border Payments

Send EURC and the recipient receives local currency to bank accounts, wallets or mobile money in supported countries.


If you regularly send money abroad to your family and friends, then the EURC is for you. By using the EURC you can easily save up to 50% - 75% in transaction fees. This is the power of the Euro on the blockchain. Our mission is to return those fees to your pocket, all with the usage of this Euro stablecoin.

We have a growing ecosystems of wallets providing you with simple, secure access to EURC directly on your phone. They exist to help you save money when sending to loved ones abroad. We know you will love the app experience these companies are building for you.


Whether you are a sole trader wanting to separate your business activities from your personal ones, an LLC or LTD equivalent company, or a growing enterprise who regularly needs to send money abroad.

The MYKOBO business account will give you access to this world of 50% - 75% savings on transaction fees. In 2022, stablecoins settled a staggering $11tn of on-chain business. Now's the time to join the digital asset economy and begin benefiting from all that the EURC stablecoin has to offer.

For Developers & Partners

Application Programming Interface (API)

Our API allows you to integrate EURC on your platform seamlessly. You decide how you want to integrate.

Interactive EURC Deposits and Withdrawals

We host the pages and do all the heavy lifting. SEP-24

Non-interactive EURC Deposits and Withdrawals

You integrate EURC into your mobile app or website and maintain your look and feel. SEP-6

Cross-border Payments

Send EURC and the recipient receives local currency to bank accounts, wallets or mobile money in supported countries. SEP-31

Develop with EURC

The use cases are limitless! If you are a developer or business that wants to partner with us, then come and join the EURC ecosystem. We have standardized API's that allow you to plug in and begin allowing your customers to on/off ramp EURC into the project you are building. Let us do the heavy lifting. We hold a VASP license in Lithuania and we offer full KYC management in the on/off ramping process.

Our ecosystem partners are growing. We invite you to join with the EURC movement.

Partner with Us

Foundations of a Multichain Future

Our foundations begin with Stellar, leveraging the low network fees and the standard protocols that enable interconnectivity anywhere in the world providing fast, affordable and meaningful services to individuals and businesses in Europe and beyond.

Our roadmap in 2024 includes a multi-chain future beginning with smart contracts on Soroban and expanding onto the top blockchain networks with volume and liquidity.

Our Ecosystem

Where to get EURC

You can buy and sell EURC directly with our partners who offer it within their own wallets, apps and ecosystems.

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